A Day
in the Life of an

FBI Agent

A Book About My Career in the FBI for Over 21 Years

The Real Agent of Change

Retired FBI Agent Autobiography

Are you interested to learn about the untold stories of crime and justice from a real FBI agent? You have come to the right place. I am Eric Jackson, an FBI agent with over 21 years of experience. At The Real Agent of Change, I offer my book collection, which walks you through my service to this nation, my military career, and my incredible moments working in the FBI.



I have been involved in some of the most notable cases and want to share the insider's story behind the investigation with my audience nationwide. I want to take my readers step by step through the profiling process of crime-fighting.



My stories are engaging and portray the remarkable courage and grace of being an agent. They showcase the leadership skills that are required by everyone, which helped me face complex situations.